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May 20, 2008 by Lotherius
I've been using Vista since two weeks before the official release. I'm relatively satisfied, but one thing still bugs me:

Vista doesn't do File Tagging, Rating or Commenting. Seriously. They SAY it does, but it does not. What it does do, is edit metadata in a very few file types that have internal metadata which Vista understands.

Therefore, you can tag and rate music, video, MS Word files, and pictures. That's IT.

NEWS FLASH: There are other types of files! I have 5 hard drives a...
January 31, 2007 by Lotherius
Got Vista, and wouldn't you know it, got problems.

I'm just one of many, I know, but I might as well share with the world MY experience on Vista..

1) Initial install failed utterly. Vista told me it couldn't find a suitable partition. 'scuse me? I had just wiped 200gb on my XP drive, leaving XP on the first 120gb, and the rest of the drive clear. I ended up going back to XP, setting the second partition active, going back to Vista setup, and it let me install. Then it gave me "Error lo...