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Up for grabs...
Published on February 5, 2007 By Lotherius In Fiction
I tried, really I did. I wanted to get into the fanfic scene, but I am just too vanilla for it. I like those het fics that nobody else seems interested in, and I have a bit more of a literary bent.

So, now I'm kinda halfway regretting buying "" in anticipation of the 7th book last year. I even spent countless hours customising eFiction to look completely unique to any other eFic site. Then I got bored.

Anybody interested in picking up the site and working on it? I haven't decided how much I want for the domain yet, but make me an offer, it's up for grabs. I'm moving on to other website pastures, hopefully greener ones, and need to unload this project from my plate. Link

You'd think a name like that would be worth *something*.....

on Feb 06, 2007
Eh... a domain, unless it's something incredibly common like "", needs to offer very compelling content or services to be "worth" anything. And while the world of Harry Potter is a popular one with many websites springing up around it, you're kind of late to the game. By this point, the fanfic sites for HP stuff are incredibly well developed and entrenched, it's hard to come in at the end like this.